Shlømo will release his debut album in October, titled Mercurial Skin

Shlømo has established himself as a driving force within Paris’ contemporary techno scene with a myriad of releases on Delsin, Arts Collective, and Soma, plus remixes for the likes of Oscar Mulero and Keith Carnal. The French artist performs both as Shlømo as well as his live ambient project under his full name, Shaun Baron-Carvais. He is also co-founder of Taapion alongside AWB and PVNV.

We’re told that the album is comprised of “enough experimental and left-of-centre nuances to satisfy even the most curious of diggers.” 

This album is a return to my roots, I wanted to express and translate the inspiration from my early years into one body of work. Having discovered electronic music through labels such as Warp and their releases from the late ’90s / early ’00s, I wanted to pay homage to the artists that have guided my sound, and the first part of the album is a tribute to these influences. I was also the only kid in class that would buy movie soundtracks or film scores, and I wanted to convey the memories and emotions from these records within the LP.” – Shlømo


01. Hadal Zone

02. Mercurial Skin

03. Maara

04. Napalm

05. Ivory

06. Low Key Love

07. Suicide Ghost

08. Maintain The Lie

09. Jäger Mod

10. Anastasia

11. Mouais

12. Minotia

13. Brother

14. Wish You Wee Here

Mercurial Skin is out on Taapion Records on October 29, with “Mercurial Skin” streaming in full via the player below.