Shlømo launched his new ambient project under his full name Shaun Baron-Carvais‘ at Berlin Atonal a few weeks ago and has now shared the entire debut set.

Shlømo is at the heart of the French techno underground. In just a couple of years he has swiftly emerged with his own distinctive sound, mostly on his own Taapion Records but also on influential labels like Delsin, Singular Records, and Arts Collective. Balancing real feeling with all important dancefloor function, his sets and productions marry stark moods with absorbing atmospheres.

His live set from Atonal perfectly captures his skills: smooth, dark, and beautifully atmospheric, grab it via the WeTransfer button below.

“This project has always been in the corner of my mind. Ever since I can remember, movie soundtracks have always intrigued me. From Eric Sierra to James Newton Howard, through to Hans Zimmer, that kind of music was always the best way to spread emotion for me.

“I’m seeing this new project as much more intimate than my sets as Shlømo. The live set I performed as the opening set on the main stage at Berlin Atonal is a piece of my life transcribed through noise and melodies.” – Shaun Baron-Carvais.

Equipment used: Korg MS-20, Nord Lead 1 Synth, microKORG, Controllers, Laptop & a bunch of plugins.