When any new album falls off of the DFA tree, you can expect some serious buzz to surround it. And though Nick “Shocking Pinks” Harte might not be a household name in the US, his self-titled album on the aforementioned label may get him close to that status. An ex-member of pop duo The Brunettes (who recently signed to Sub Pop), Harte has been cranking out lo-fi rock tracks for several years via New Zealand’s Flying Nun imprint, gaining an intense following in his home country.

On September 25, DFA/Astralwerks will release a 17-track compilation of songs taken from two 2005 Shocking Pink releases, both of which followed Harte’s Dance the Dance Electric debut. Harte isn’t a typical DFA artist, as he makes music more comparable to My Bloody Valentine or Echo and the Bunnymen than LCD Soundsystem. But with the label’s other recent rock signing, Prinzhorn Dance School, shaking things up on the guitar front, SP makes nothing but sense.

Shocking Pinks is out September 25, 2007 on DFA/Astralwerks.

1. Wake Up
2. This Aching Deal
3. How Am I Not Myself?
4. Second Hand Girl
5. End of the World
6. The Narrator
7. Yes! No!
8. Emily
9. Blond Haired Girl
10. Victims
11. Girl on the Northern Line
12. I Want U Back
13. SmokeScreen
14. Jealousy
15. Cutout
16. Twenty Three
17. You Can Make Me Feel Bad