On February 22, Shrimpnose and K.Raydio will release their collaborative debut album, …And The World Weeps, on New York-based label AntiFragile Music.

Brought together by universal circumstances, the duo used the album as a catharsis for the pain they experienced in hopes that the record can be catharsis for the listener at large. Shrimpnose produced, mixed, and mastered the entirety of the album with K.Raydio writing and performing the vocals. Their dynamic and analog driven sound centers around pensive songwriting and immersive layering, stripped down to its minimal parts in one moment and propulsive the next. The album features featuring Daedelus and Bobby Raps. 

Ahead of the release, the group has revealed new single “Cabernet.” Cascading waves of bass meld into the framework of ghostly melodies, a powerful kick drum, and hypnotic vocals, merging pop and the abstract as one. 

In tandem with the digital launch on February 22, Los Angeles indie label Dome of Doom will offer a limited edition clear cassette pressing. Listen to the new single “Cabernet” below and pre-order a copy of the cassette version here


01. Longitude, Latitude

02. Cabernet

03. Bully

04. Fairytale

05. Good Grief

06. Molasses

07. Settle Down

08. Pins and Needles

09. Fall Away (feat. Bobby Raps & Daedelus)

 …And The World Weeps arrives February 22.