Shrimpnose, born Riley Smithson, will return with a new album on Friends of Friends.

As It Seems is the follow up to Smithson’s 2022 album, Under Fire!, a project that cemented him as a leading voice in the alternative electronic music space.

We’re told that the album is a “big step up” sonically, with elements of post-dubstep, future bass, hyper-pop, and folk rock blended with his low fidelity leanings. Throughout the album, Smithson addresses topics of disability, isolation, and feelings of codependence.

Ahead of the album release, Smithson has shared a new single called “Relief!”

While rewarding, life on the road can often be demanding. A renewed sense of peace, comfort, and ultimately relief struck the moment Smithson stepped into his home studio after the long stint of traveling, and the song tries to capture those feelings in a sonic space.

“I think in life, we as people end up anticipating so many things—good and bad—that we neglect to embrace the moments of relief as they happen, or even ignore them if they don’t look the way we expect them to,” Riley says. “I guess my goal with ‘Relief!’ was to make something visceral and salient to the dwindling attention span we experience as humans—and hopefully encourage people to appreciate the moments of relief in their life without them passing by.”

Smithson has been releasing on labels including Brainfeeder and Dome of Doom, but he has found a permanent home with Los Angeles-based label Friends of Friends.


01. Relief!
02. Waiting in Pain feat. Bobby Raps
03. Kicker
04. Velocity
05. Jupiter feat. Somni & Joe Nora
06. Love on Loan
07. Growth Spurt feat. SwuM
08. 3am
09. Achilles
10. Codependant (pt. 1)
11. Flyover Country feat. Anomalie & Bad Snacks
12. A Place in the Trees
13. Anvils feat. Blu & Blockhead
14. Damage Control
15. In the Way
16. Codependant (pt. 2) feat. Ryan Hemsworth
17. Tender

As It Seems LP is scheduled for October 27 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Relief!” in full below and pre-order here.