Photo | Michael Rivers

Shrimpnose is back with Dome of Doom for the release of his new album, Before It’s Too Late.

Before It’s Too Late is the first work in Shrimpnose’s catalogue devoid of sampled elements, in that he performed all synths and guitars himself. The record arranges 18-tracks that lean on chopped up electric and acoustic guitar takes, original synth patch designs, field recordings, and an array of beat programming techniques. It features Daedelus, Bleep Bloop, and Somni.

Recording sessions for the album began right before Shrimpnose relocated from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, beginning with the heartbreak fueled piece, “Agony.” He ended up in Van Nuys with a family friend and the bulk of the LP was captured in a small, run down bedroom there, with mice scurrying on the ground, graffiti and writing all over.

“It was a house with lots of problems after being vandalized from a previous tenant, but it was cheap and we needed the help,” Shrimpnose recalls. ” Being there was my setting for the album—making songs all day in my bedroom, smoking blunts, surviving on chicken tenders and sandwiches.”

Shrimpnose has become one of Los Angeles’ rising producers. He last dropped solo work with Dome of Doom on 2018’s Sullen EP and released the cassette version of his K.Raydio collaborative LP, …And The World Weeps, with the label last year.


01. Picture Perfect
02. Over The Mountains
03. Bottoms Up
04. Bleeding Out
05. A Song For The Helpless
06. My Cold, Dead Fingers
07. Seething
08. Minneapolis-St. Paul
09. Before It’s Too Late
10. Agony
11. Bon Voyage (feat. Bleep Bloop)
12. IStillMissYou
13. Dying In The Sun
14. Anguish
15. In Your Absence
16. Time Flies
17. Getting Through To You (feat. Somni & Daedelus)
18. Lost Interest

Before It’s Too Late LP arrives digitally on May 29, and there will be a limited run of 100 cassettes. Meanwhile, you can stream “Before It’s Too Late” below, and pre-order here.