Lagos born, London-based MC Shunaji will soon self-release her debut EP, titled Midnight Movie.

We’re told that the EP is an introduction to the MC and producer’s sound. As the title of the EP—as well as “Fellini,” one of its track titles—suggests, it’s a release buoyed by references to cinema, reflecting an upbringing immersed in movies.

In her lyrics and delivery, she takes cues from Andre 3000 and Missy Elliott, striking a balance between lyricism, rhythmicality, and character. The beats reflect a wide span of influences. She often uses jazz samples, but in ways that aren’t immediately obvious; it’s a style which employs familiar approaches in unfamiliar ways. Her formative years were spent absorbing sounds from ambient to folk, and it’s only in the time since moving to London that she’s become more interested in hip-hop—a sound she associates with the city where she’s now at home.


03.Fellini (feat. Emiko)
04.Red Honey (feat. Amahla)

Midnight Movie will land on May 4 with “Red Honey” (feat. Amahla) streaming in full above.