The Shure brand is not alien to the studio, stage, or even subway platform; the company’s microphones, wireless systems, and in-ear monitoring devices are legendary recording and performance workhorses, as well as popular in personal audio thanks to the SE530 earphones. Now, Shure is positioned to invade the mixing console; and with the closed-back, circumaural SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones, the company has an immediate critical listening contender offering platinum engineer performance at a project-studio-friendly $199 price point. The SRH840 signature is relatively neutral without being in any way dull. Covering 5 Hz to 25 kHz, the 40mm drivers’ treble is not overly brightened, bass is deep and quick, and mids are mildly pushed in a musical sense, gently rounding hot edges. With 102dB/mW sensitivity (44 ohms impedance) the SRH840s don’t need amping to avoid congestion (though it never hurts to render full transient extension). Driven out of the board, laptop, etc., these collapsible (though not wholly “portable”) cans show no grain no pain. Aesthetically, the SRH840s are definitely not geared toward audiophile vanity, but the extended comfort and clarity could have informed home listeners just as enthralled as producers. These phones don’t have the “bite” some prefer with distortion-rich recordings, but for tracking or mixing, the SRH840s are glare-free and fairly open for closed cans, providing isolation and engaging reproduction.