Berlin-based Canadian techno fiend Sheldon Thompson (a.k.a. Pan/Tone, Gringo Grinder, etc.) is getting ready to drop his latest record as Sid LeRock, Tout Va Bien or “Everything is Fine.” Tout is the first album from LeRock in the four years since he released Keep it Simple, Stupid, and will be released June 25 on Shitkatapult. Check out the first single from Tout Va Bien, “Still Life,” here, and the album cover and tracklist below.

01. Chaos for the Aftermath
02. Swollen Member
03. Pow Wow
04. Still Life
05. La Guidoune
06. Applebottom
07. Walk Alone
08. Incliner
09. Slainte Mhor
10. Durch Dick Und Duenn
11. Made For You