UK producers Sigha and Shifted have announced plans to combine their distinct production styles as A Model Authority, a collaborative project which will release its first EP late next month via the pair’s new label of the same name. As Resident Advisor reports, the artists have a rather determined vision for the project, saying that A Model Authority was “born out of the desire to rise above the very modern mediocrity and complacency that surrounds us. A stamp of hard-lined ideals in a pragmatic world, a new order, a new beginning, and a better way of living.” The simply titled Model 001 12″ will debut both the new outfit and label in late August, and is set to be released in both digital and vinyl formats. The forthcoming EP’s tracklist is included below.

A1 Pieces Of Me
A2 Etched
A3 Collapse (Rhythm)
B1 Cycles Of Violence
B2 Depford Blues (Excerpt)