Following the release of his A Series of Desecrations EP via Our Circula Sound late last year, James Shaw (a.k.a. Sigha) has announced the details of his next record, a six-track offering called The Purification Loops. The EP is said to “[blur] the lines between the dancefloor and the ritual chamber,” as “scuffed rhythm and analogue bleed blend together, combining a techno aesthetic with something more primal.” Each of Sigha’s new productions are essentially individual loops which focus on “fragmentation and prolonged repetition,” while both leaning on and abandoning club-ready structures. The Purification Loops EP is set to drop on April 7 via burgeoning London label Avian, and its tracklist and artwork can be perused below.

A1. Loop One
A2. Loop Two
A3. Loop Three
B1. Loop Four
B2. Loop Five
B3. Loop Six