Juan Mendez (a.k.a Silent Servant) will release a new album on Hospital Productions in December, titled Shadows of Death and Desire.

The seven-track album, which follows 2012’s Negative Fascination album debut—plus a slew of EPs for labels like Sandwell District, Semantica, Mote-Evolver, and Mendez’ own Jealous God—captures the US producer’s evolution to “more aggressive and stripped-down acid punk electro dance attacks.” “While many would stall after the success of a now contemporary cult classic, Mendez took his time to deliver a more raw—yet refined—brutalism in his second album,” the label explains. 

Hospital Productions was founded in 1997 by Dominick Fernow. 


A1 / 1. Illusion

A2 / 2. Harm In Hand

A3 / 3. Damage

B4 / 4. Loss Response

B5 / 5. 24 Hours

B6 / 6. Glass Veil

B7 / 7. Optimistic Decay

Shadows of Death and Desire LP will arrive on December 8, with a video for “Harm In Hand” streaming in full via the player below.