Oscar Mulero‘s Warm Up label will soon mark 50 releases with a two-part EP, Contents.

The two-part EP features eight reworks of cuts from Mulero’s limited edition vinyl only Pattern series, a sequence of four records that were meant to showcase “abstract pieces of modern techno.”

Silent Servant, Kangding Ray, and Cassegrain deliver the first part that will hit the stores on November 10; while Shlømo, Donato Dozzy, and Chevel are lined up for the second part that will be out on December 1.

Both releases will be preceded by a digital compilation which includes all the original cuts of the series, some of which have never come out digitally before. This will land on November 1 and can be streamed in full below.


WU50A Pattern Series Remixes Part 1

A1 / 1. Color (Silent Servant Remix)
B1 / 2. Form (Kangding Ray Remix)
B2 / 3. Texture (Cassegrain Remix)

WU50B Pattern Series Remixes Part 2

A1 / 1. Texture (Shlømo Remix)
B1 / 2. Color (Donato Dozzy Remix)
B2 / 3. Form (Chevel Remix)

Pattern Series Compilation

01. Epley Manuever
02. Gravity
03. Particle Repositioning
04. Balance And Acceleration
05. Pain
06. Kinesthetic Sense
07. Lights
08. Arcade
09. Echoes
10. Form
11. Texture
12. Color

Pattern Series Compilation will land on November 1, followed by Pattern Series Remixes Part 1 on November 10. Pattern Series Remixes Part 2 is scheduled for on December 1 release.