Following its “Sacrifice” collaboration with UK house outfit Bicep and last month’s Tong Zi Dan EP, London duo Simian Mobile Disco (pictured above) is back with the latest entry for its Delicacies label. This time, the producers have teamed up with Romanian tunesmith Cosmin TRG for a two-track record. Named after a fermented herring dish from Sweden, “Surströmming” is known to be the most rancid smelling food in the world, with the track’s buckling synthlines attempting to represent that foul odor. “Sannakji”—a Korean dish of recently severed, still-moving octopus tentacles, seasoned with sesame seeds and oil—presents a risky challenge for the connoisseur, as Cosmin TRG and Simian Mobile Disco aim to musically sensualize the experience of tentacles fighting to escape your mouth as you chew them. The next Delicacies 12” will see an official release on December 9.