The English and French have been busy cultivating a scene that has been embraced by the next generation of dance fanatics. Jas Shaw and James Ford (a.k.a Simian Mobile Disco) have been at the head of the pack and after a stint of immaculately successful 12”s and remixes, the electro-house duo is unleashing its first long-player. Slated for release on Wichita (Bloc Party, The Blood Brothers), Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release is going to go completely insane for the duo’s gritty analog magic.

This full-length is an interesting venture for the production kingpins, considering the fact that not all of the major names involved with the blossoming “new rave” circuit have released long-players. With blog downloads across the board, MySpace plays that outnumber those of many major-label acts, and producing bands like Klaxons, SMD has become far more than a household name even when pitted against the boys’ hyped contemporaries.

The UK-based duo has already amassed a resume comparable to many legendary electronic producers. Releasing singles for Kitsuné and remixing artists from Muse to The Rapture to The Go! Team, SMD has garnered a following similar to the Ed Banger crew. Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release will no doubt have kids on their feet, from France to the US.

Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release is out June 18 on Wichita.

01. Sleep Deprivation
02. I Got This Down
03. It’s The Beat
04. Hustler
05. Tits & Acid
06. I Believe
07. Hotdog
08. Wooden
09. Love
10. Scott