Returning to their own Delicacies label after the dropping the Tong Zi Dan EP back in October, the UK synth connoisseurs of Simian Mobile Disco (pictured above) have announced a four-track 12″, which will feature remixes from Manchester producer Trevino (a.k.a. Marcus Kaye). Snake Bile Wine‘s title track slinks along with an insistent techno pulse and decaying synth riff, and Trevino provides two distinct techno remixes of the cut—one dubby and minimal, the other more glossy and anxious. “Balut,” the single’s b-side—named for an unborn duck fetus cooked inside a boiled egg—is an unnerving slab of demanding techno, with gurgling, industrial synths. Snake Bile Wine‘s physical release is set for January 20, 2014, and the digital version will land on January 27.