Back in January the Simian Mobile Disco boys alluded to a new, techno-oriented album in an interview with BBC’s Radio 1. Nearly a year has passed since then and SMD has just announced a massive, two-disc album of all-new “unmixed and mixed techno” called Delicacies, which will be released November 30 on SMD’s own imprint also titled Delicacies. One half of the album will feature a mix recorded live in studio, while the other half will be original productions. The press release describes the album as “amalgamating hard-edged analogous beat structures as well as some of the more mellow, melodic aspects of techno, Delicacies reiterates the sheer excellent musical eccentricity that Simian Mobile Disco continues to create.” Leading up to the album’s release date SMD will be on a DJ tour here in the States. Those dates, along with Delicacies tracklist, are listed below.

Delicacies Tracklist:

01. Aspic
02. Nerve Salad
03. Casu Marzu
04. Thousand Year Egg
05. Skin Cracker
06. Hákarl
07. Sweetbread
08. Ortolan
09. Fugu

01. Sweetbread
02. Hákarl
03. Nerve Salad
04. Casu Marzu
05. Skin Cracker
06. Aspic
07. Thousand Year Egg Drumappella
08. Ortolan

Tour Dates:

NOV 17: U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
NOV 18: Santos Party House – New York, NY
NOV 19: Mezzanine – San Francisco, CA
NOV 20: Avalon – Los Angeles, CA
NOV 21: Voyeur – San Diego, CA