Author, music critic, historian, and blogger extraordinaire Simon Reynolds has just announced he’ll be expanding, updating, and reissuing his famed book, Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture, to include more recent events in the history of electronic music.

The book (which goes by the title Generation Ecstasy in the U.S.), was originally published 10 years ago, but is still widely considered one of the most comprehensive chronicles of rave and electronic music. Since Reynolds is a master at analysis and can tell a history with as much intelligence and humor as a top-rated novelist, it will be thrilling to read his take on the last decade. Six new chapters–covering the trance resurgence, 2step, the nu-’80s, electro, grime, breakcore, dubstep, and more–have been added.

Currently the book is only being reissued in the U.K. (in February). No word yet as to whether or not a U.S. edition will surface. If you’re not in Britain, pick a copy up on your next trip to London or cross your fingers and hope they send the new version Stateside soon.