Still Going “Still Going Theme” DFA
Rub-N-Tug’s Eric Duncan and Manthraxx’s Oliver Spencer churn out a minimal, space-charged disco theme for the new millennium. Utilizing organic piano leads, clean acoustic percussion, and lots of spread-out arpeggios, these two New Yorker’s may have just produced the most mature DFA single to date. If Carl Craig’s remix of Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom rocked your boat, grab this now.

Matthew Dear “Don and Sherri” Ghostly
Matthew Dear’s vocal snippets have become some of the most recognizable–and completely irritating sounds in modern pop-techno. But “Don and Sherri” is one of the few tracks with layered vocals that are completely subtle and totally infectious. Hot Chip and M.A.N.D.Y.’s electrified remixes of the track are the EP’s strongest offerings. Ghostly’s done it again.

Kevin Saunderson/Inner City “History Elevate 1” Planet E
Two remixes of early-’90s Detroit mayhem via Kevin “Reese” Saunderson and Inner City. Loco Dice turns Saunderson’s thumper, “Bassline,” into a minimalist acid-trip freak-out. Bloops, bleeps, and the constant repetition of a burly kick make the nine-minute techno opus that floors have been waiting for. Including Carl Craig’s vocal-friendly remake of IC’s “Till We Meet Again,” this EP is a reminder of why the ’90s weren’t so shitty after all.

Nathan Fake “You Are Here” Border Community
Featuring a string of remixes from Fake’s Drowning in a Sea of Love, “You Are Here” is more of the pop-ambient techno we’ve come to love from this kid. Including a surprisingly shuffling (and heavy) mix from Four Tet and a few “live” mixes from Fake himself, “You Are Here” will convert any hater of the techno genre.

Gucci Soundsystem “Acarpenter” Death From Abroad
Despite this London-based duo’s awful name, these two notorious party-throwers have got the whole disco-by-way-of-nu-electro game on lock. If you think the distorted sounds of the Ed Banger crew have become played-out, this three-track single will surely remind you that gritty dance music is alive and well. Oh, and there’s a killer Joakim remix to boot. That’s right.