Martini Bros.
“From Buleaux”
You can hate on minimal and deep-house all you want, but you’d be depriving yourself of the bliss that is Martini Bros.’ latest 12″, “From Buleaux.” Comprised of Alex Smoke-esque synths, and lots of sinister breaks and buildups, the guys’ latest single finds them experimenting with elements of noise, trance sounds, and brooding, affected vocals. Want to really freak out a club full of kids? Throw on the Konrad Black remix and bask in the glory.

Professor Murder
Professor Murder On A Desert Island
This band–despite its goofy name–still knows how to turn out a completely proper electro-pop single. “Flex It Formula,” taken from the free, downloadable Professor Murder On A Desert Island EP, plays like a Cut Copy B-Side–provided the band was on some sort of upper. Non–obtrusive vocals and analog synth layers will never do you wrong.

Shit Robot
“Chasm” is by far one of my favorite singles to grace DFA in a hot minute. Reliant on the almighty repetitive synth loop, this single sluggishly soaks into your head, minute after minute. This brilliant track from Dublin’s finest is the kind of house jam that makes dance music compelling again.

Kylie Minogue
“2 Hearts (Studio Remix)”
Yes, Kylie Minogue has returned. And what better way to make a memorable comeback than enlisting Swedish prog-disco duo Studio to rework her newest single? Complete with a ton of rad acoustic guitar solos and textured background effects, this otherwise total pop track gets converted into one that may encourage Lindstrøm to dip into Timothy Leary-approved substances, if you know what I mean.

The Social Club No. 8
The Social Registry
For the eighth installment of The Social Registry’s Social Club 7” series, Brooklyn-based duo Growing outdoes itself again, with another processed guitar onslaught. “Disconfirm” melds layer upon layer of heavy, melodic, noisy, percussive, and mind-altering guitar phases in less than three minutes, while “Horizon Drift” goes back to the Growing of yore, with plenty of kaleidoscopic flurries and interesting effects. These guys continue to slay.