While digital compilations abound these days, Bay Area-based indie label Six Degrees Records certainly spins the concept in fresh, enthusiastic directions with their Emerging Artists series, a newly launched collection of digital-only releases.

“In some ways, [the digital format] is a return to the early days of the record business where tracks were recorded, pressed, sent to radio, and in the stores in a much quicker time span than we see today,” says Six Degrees president Bob Duskis. “[Through] bypassing the constraints of manufacturing, new music can be in the hands of the consumer on an international level very quickly, giving us the ability to see what is resonating with our listeners.”

Appropriately, breaking new talent is the focus of the label’s new series, which will showcase up-and-coming artists while providing the usual fare of eclectic breaks and world beats for which Six Degrees is known. Vol. 1 features improv jazz artist Rara Avis, Middle Eastern multi-instrumentalist Jef Stott, and San Francisco’s own Zaman 8, among others.

Emerging Artists Sampler Vol. 1 is available for download now at Six Degrees Records, iTunes, and eMusic.