Thanks to skate apparel brand Emerica Skateboard Company, July 4 will see over 25,000 skateboarders, from 25 countries, take over the streets of San Francisco for Wild in the Streets. The all-day, skateboarding event begins downtown (an official meeting place will be announced today), and will encompass a five-mile ride that ends with a barbecue and is sure to draw everyone between the ages of nine and 30.

Though anyone can participate, a handful of the pros will also be present, to show the kids how a kickflip is really done. Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Ed Templeton, Kevn “Spanky” Long are among the professional skaters expected to participate. If you love freedom, skip the fireworks, grab your deck, and get downtown.

Wild in the Streets takes place July 4, 2007, beginning at 2 p.m.