Skream has mixed the 96th edition of the Fabriclive series.

As a pioneering force during the emergence of dubstep in a tight-knit South London scene, Oliver Jones’ career has taken him from local hero to world-renowned DJ. His productions are credited with introducing an esoteric sound to a global audience and, for more than a decade, he has continued to expand his palette into new territory, both on his own and as part of Magnetic Man with Benga and Artwork.

From 2006 onwards his “Stella Sessions” on Rinse FM became a platform for devoted fans to hear new material, much of which can be traced onto forums and YouTube rips across the web. On a legendary radio station that still serves as one of the key platforms for underground music in the UK, he sustained a reputation as a tastemaker presenting the latest sought-after dubs, many of which came from his close friends.

As a producer, he has acclaimed EPs and albums on Tempa, Tectonic, Big Apple, Soul Jazz, Exit, Digital Soundboy, Greco-Roman, and Harmless amongst others, as well as his own Disfigured Dubz imprint. In 2010, he formed the Skream & Benga radio show alongside his closest contemporary, which paved the way for a two-year residency on BBC Radio 1 documenting a broader variety of styles. He is now a regular on the global DJ circuit, touring a wide range of venues and festivals the year round.

Fabriclive 96 is described as a playful journey through the house, techno, and disco he has explored in more recent years. We’re told that “ricocheting percussion and bold textures build a formidable energy that is rowdy at times, visceral at others.”

Stripped back cuts like Bufiman’s “Peace Moves” and Alex Kid’s “Yonqui” establish a groove before making way for peak cuts like Floorplan’s cathartic “Made Up My Mind” and Radio Slave’s acid trance burner “Screaming Hands” (Krautdrums Mix). Also featured are two new productions from the man himself, as well as entries from Hieroglyphic Being, Sascha Funke, and a ’90s “gem” from LA Synthesis. “Over 75 minutes he [Skream] blends careful selections in high spirits, channeling the good-time atmosphere that cemented his reputation as one of today’s most entertaining DJs,” fabric explains.


01. Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings “Ashrams” [Technicolour]
02. Bufiman “Peace Moves” [Dekmantel]
03. James Burton “Sounds Of A Different Colour” (Kincaid & Sinàl’s Remix) [Of Unsound Mind]
04. Alex kid “Yonqui” [Rekids]
05. Jon Rundell “Jack The Bass” [Etch]
06. Skream “An Ode To Mr. Smith” [Unreleased]
07. Santos Rodriguez “Untitled B2” [Cosmic]
08. Floorpan “Made Up In My Mind” [M-Plant]
09. Radio Slave “Screaming Hands” (Krautdrums Mix) [Rekids]
10. Sascha Funke “MZ” [Turbo]
11. Greg Venezia “Lies” [Of Unsound Mind]
12. Steve Murphy “They Are Controlled pt. 1” [Domina Trxxx]
13. LA Synthesis “Agraphobia” (Original Mix) [Vortexian]
14. Skream “SDN” [Unreleased]

Fabriclive 96: Skream is scheduled for January 19 release.