A new Skudge album will drop on October 10.

Originally the joint project of Swedes Elias Landberg and Gustaf Wallnerstrom, Skudge today is the solo project of Landberg. The last album released under the Skudge name dropped in 2011, a product of that earlier pairing (which had earned a reputation for making tough, dark and hardware-heavy techno jams). Five years on, with the recently adjusted lineup, Balancing Point promises a sound that has “shifted into new territory.”

Balancing Point will be released on October 10 via Skudge Records.

A1. Immersion
A2. Polar (with Samo DJ)
A3. Drifting
B1. Air Walk
B2. Aloft
B3. Elapse
C1. Vertigo
C2. Tides
C3. Falling
D1. Thesis
D2. Anode
D3. Balancing Point