Skygaze has self-released Bloom, his fourth studio album, earlier today.

Bloom follows Freedom, self-released in 2018, and covers the same style, a mix of jazz, funk, and electronics. Four of the 12 tracks feature the Spanish producer’s own vocals, opening up his palette to pop, soul, and folk music.

Skygaze is the musical project of Jaime Tellado. An architect by profession, he found of music from an early age and launched Skygaze in 2013.


01. First heartbeats after coma
02. Bloom
03. Flying with u
04. Far away from here
05. Flesh
06. Start Over
07. And life goes on
08. Bachatta Button
09. Mermaid
10. Seriously
11. Out of context (feat.Helios Amor)
12. No better place to hide myself

Bloom LP is out now on Bandcamp, with clips available below.