Originally released this spring as a four-track, digital-only EP via Unknown to the Unknown, Slackk‘s Minor Triads has been revisited by the London grime revitalizer, adding in a handful of new tracks to extend the record to a full-length album. The now 11-track record will see a release on November 11 via Slackk’s Bandcamp (where the album can currently be pre-ordered and previewed), with seven new productions appearing on the digital version, while nine previously unreleased tracks will fill out the album’s vinyl edition. Before Slackk’s Minor Traids LP drops next month, its artwork and full tracklist can be found below, along with a stream of the record’s closing effort “Shinai.”

01 Seance
02 Inland
03 Wolf Creek
04 Blue Forest
05 Japanese Showerman
06 Rare For Them
07 Stasis
08 Five Venoms
09 Mirror & Flash
10 Bootie No Yoru No Ame
11 Shinai