Slackk will release a new album on R&S Records, titled A Little Light.

Slackk first came to the attention of most with an EP of roughneck UK house on Numbers, before a series of more emotive, melody-driven records on Local Action and Unknown to the Unknown saw him emerge as one of the most influential artists working in the peripheries of grime—taking the genre’s hallmarks but placing them in a context that owed as much to Eastern mood pieces and the complex melodies of classic jazz records, hinting at other key influences on Slackk’s music. His debut album Palm Tree Fire was a particular success: Resident Advisor calling it a “beautiful glimpse into the mind of an under-appreciated producer.”

Slackk has since expanded the breadth and honed the details of his music through a pair of EPs on R&S—first Backwards Light, and then on the more abrasive Aviary. A Little Light, his first album for the label, is described as “his most idiosyncratic and personal release yet.”

According to the label, the release is inspired by the upcoming birth of his first child and sees Slackk drop the tempo to “an R&B 90bpm crawl…with the newfound space between his drums allowing his delicate melodies to grow and spiral like never before.”


01. Spring Mist
02. Paper Santos
03. Maze
04. Ripe Corn
05. Sefton Park West
06. Desert Eagle
07. So Far, The Sea
08. Picture
09. Deluxe Night Edition
10. Old Petchy Shows
11. Reasons
12. End
13. Zip Me Up
14. And The Sun

A Little Light is scheduled for May 12 release, with “Maze” streamable in full below.