Sleep D, the collaboration of Corey Kikos and Maryos Syawish, will release a new album next month.

Electronic Arts comes through the Australian pair’s Butter Sessions label, where they’ve put out the work of Roza Terenzi, Furious Frank, Booshank, Ewan Jansen, and more. It follows the pairs Rebel Force album, released in 2019 on Anthony Naples’ New York Incienso imprint.

Having released four EPs since then, including the recent Greasy Beats And Blobs Vol.1 on CockTail d’Amore Music, the pair are now ready to release their second album.

“Never banging one drum, Electronic Arts mirrors the anything goes mania of their DJ sets, tactfully shifting through different sounds and styles,” we’re told. “Tempos intensify and decelerate, at times pushing the threshold to 150 bpm from docile canine dreamscapes.”

You can read more about Sleep D in their XLR8R Get Familiar feature here.


01. Planet Waves
02. Outdoor System
03. Sunrise In The Crater (I Exist)
04. Strange Sounds
05. From Village To Empire
06. Punch Drunk feat. YL Hooi
07. Textile
08. Happiness
09. Hector (Dreaming)
10. Hockey

Electronic Arts LP is scheduled for June 9 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Planet Waves” in full via the player below and pre-order here.