UK producer Slugabed (a.k.a. Gregory Feldwick) has announced plans to drop his first official release of 2014, an EP simply titled Coolest. The six-track record will appear via Feldwick’s own Activia Benz label and will feature a galactic remix from Tuff Wax label head Lockah as its closer. The upcoming effort has been described by Slugabed himself as having seen him “take a more subtle approach, focusing on songwriting and atmosphere” while also explaining that “despite being some of his most delicate work to date, it is also potentially some of his most dance-friendly.”

Coolest will be available to snag for free on July 7, but before then, the sun-drenched EP can be downloaded immediately with the purchase of—this is not a joke—a kitschy beach towel which displays the record’s artwork. An accompanying promo video for Coolest has been included below, where the EP’s artwork as well as its complete tracklist can also be found.

01 Pure El Nino Vibes
02 Another Chance 2k14
03 Real Buds
04 Welcome To My Hood (It’s Lovely)
05 Coolest Breeze Goin’
06 Pure El Nino Vibes (Lockah Remix)