One half of UK experimental minimalists SND (pictured above), sound artist Mark Fell (on the right, above) has announced his forthcoming follow-up album to 2004’s solo release Ten Types of Elsewhere, entitled Multistability. The 17-track full-length record will be released on December 7 through the austere Raster-Noton label, and covers some fairly heady ideas. Fell’s record is said to be “primarily an exploration of erratic and non-regular rhythmic pattern… combining meticulous synthetic chordal layering with convoluted, chaotic yet fundamentally engaging temporal structures,” as well as a practice of the property from which its name is taken (a.k.a. “Systems that are neither stable nor totally instable, but that alternates between two or more mutually exclusive states over time.”). Until we get a chance to hear what that means for Fell’s music, check out the tracklist for his Multistability album below. (via FACT)

01. Multistability 1-A
02. Multistability 2-A
03. Multistability 3
04. Multistability 5-A
05. Multistability 6-A
06. Multistability 7-A
07. Multistability 2-AA
08. Multistability 10-A / Multistability 11
09. Multistability 1-B
10. Multistability 2-B
11. Multistability 4
12. Multistability 5-B
13. Multistability 6-B
14. Multistability 7-B
15. Multistability 9
16. Multistability 10-B
17. Multistability 12