SNTS will release an album on his newly established Sacred Court imprint this November.

The anonymous masked techno producer first surfaced in 2012, and has put out a number of EPs on the likes of Horizontal Ground, Edit Select and the vinyl-only SNTS. Last year he dropped his debut full-length The Rustling of the Leaves, which he is now set to follow up with another entitled Losing Sight. According to the label, it was “recorded in a cave studio in an undisclosed location” and sees the producer exploring slower tempos.

The LP also marks the beginning of a new project, the Sacred Court imprint—a new channel that he has established for the more experimental side of his tastes, which will cover “styles like noise, industrial, techno post-punk and EBM.”

Losing Sight is due to be released this November on a limited 2×12″. Check out a promo video for the album below.


A1. Our Only Hope
A2. The Grinding Inside
B1. Limited Perception
B2. Telepathic Thought
C1. Blindfolded
C2. Improving Senses
D1. Daydream
D2. Beyond Reach

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