SNTS will debut on Horo—formerly known as Samurai Horo, the vinyl-only label for experimental music.

Having first surfaced in 2012, the bulk of SNTS’ gritty, brooding productions—a pair of EP trilogies, and his 2015 debut LP, The Rustling Of The Leaves—have come through the vinyl-only SNTS label. He’s also been picked up for EPs on Horizontal Ground and Edit Select Records, and, earlier this year, a track for 47. His last album Losing Sight was released last November on his own new label Sacred Court. Across Another Dimension will be his debut on Horo.


A1. / 1. Origin Of Light
A2. / 2. Ancestral Reflection
B1. / 3. Figures In The Mist
B2. / 4. Resurgence

Across Another Dimension is scheduled for April 28 release, with “Ancestral Reflection” streamable in full below.