Sofia Kourtesis will release her debut album in October on Ninja Tune.

Madres, as its name suggests, is dedicated to Kourtesis’ mother. It is also dedicated to world-renowned neurosurgeon Peter Vajkoczy.

When she began work on the album, Kourtesis was seemingly unstoppable. In amongst touring and working though, she was rushing home to Peru at any opportunity to be with her mother, who some months after the passing of her father—the subject of Kourtesis’ breakout single “La Perla“—had been diagnosed with cancer and saw her health rapidly declining.

Refusing to lose hope, Kourtesis had spoken to every doctor she could get hold of and all of them told her chances were low. Having read about Vajkoczy, but knowing he was in incredibly high demand, in desperation she posted a music snippet on social media, promising to dedicate the track to Vajkoczy for just a few minutes of his time.

Vajkoczy responded and agreed to meet. The operation was a success and Kourtesis’s mother’s life is extended further than anyone could have possibly hoped.

With her mother now well and living nearby in Berlin, Kourtesis had her life back.

Madres is the product of that life. Though it contains shades of the struggle of those years and her own mental health journey, Madres is joyful, awash with warm light, and brimming with “hope and the value that big love can create miracles.”

Vaikoczy became something of a sounding board for the album and Kourtesis even took him to Berghain.


01. Madres
02. Si Te Portas Bonito
03. Vajkoczy
04. How Music Makes You Feel Better
05. Habla Con Ella
06. Funkhaus
07. Moving Houses
08. Estación Esperanza
09. Cecilia
10. El Carmen

Madres LP is scheduled for October 27 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Si Te Portas Bonito” in full below and pre-order here.

Press photo: Dan Medhurst