Los Angeles-based synth pop duo Soft Metals (a.k.a. Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall) mostly kept the beats underneath airy soundscapes on its self-titled debut album from last year, opting for a more languid, slow-burning hum despite sporting straightforward singles like “Psychic Driving.” With the announcement of the pair’s sophomore album and a preview of its first leak, the duo has made it clear that it intends to steer more towards the dancefloor this time around. Called Lenses, the eight-track record is due out on July 16 via Captured Tracks, and features guest appearances by Diego Herrera of Suzanne Kraft and Pharaohs, as well as a guest spot by Keith McIvor of Glasgow mainstay Optimo. Hicks and Hall have also cited early-’70s synth innovators Chris Carter and Klaus Schulze as primary influences on their upcoming record, and purportedly aimed to retrofit the bygone sounds of Chicago and Berlin. The artwork and tracklist for Soft Metals’ forthcoming Lenses LP are included below, along with a stream of lead single “Tell Me.”

01 Lenses
02 Tell Me

03 When I Look Into Your Eyes
04 No Turning Back
05 Hourglass
06 On a Cloud
07 In the Air
08 Interobserver