Modular Records’ resident indie-rockers Softlightes don’t stop at playing all-ages parties and releasing killer dance records. For this holiday season, the Los Angeles-based band is assuming the role of do-gooder with its “Last Christmas On Earth” digital single. Set for release on December 11, the track’s proceeds go directly to the Australia-based non-profit Earth Hour. Concerned with the woes of the earth falling apart and general environmental decay (Yeah, we’re bummed too!), this track have the kids saving energy and embracing vegetarianism left and right. Well, maybe not, but it’s still a great cause.

Earth Hour has already organized a heap of massive energy conservation events in Sydney, such getting more than 2 million homes and business to participate in a recent event where the city’s residents shut off their lights for an hour in order to save power. The company continues to spread its earth-friendly message on a global level. To learn more about the organization and its conservation mission click here.