In 2013, Louisiana producer James Prudhomme (a.k.a. Suicideyear) caught the attention of Software label co-founder Daniel Lopatin (a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never) with his full-length mixtape, Japan. Software went on to release Prudhomme’s next effort, the Remembrance EP in September of last year, but now the imprint has elected to reissue Suicideyear’s Japan on vinyl and CD (the latter will include the Japan mixtape and Remembrance packaged together as a compilation called DREAM 727). To avoid potential issues with uncleared samples, the release includes some subtle changes; according to the label, “tracks like ‘Kuuuuush’ and ‘Scarr’ hit harder now, but there is a new sort of angelic sheen to them as well.” Both Japan and DREAM 727 will be available on March 10, but until then, album cut “Interest” can be streamed below.