When a poet/rapper as hardworking and praised as Sage Francis “discovers” an act, it’s a given that said act will prove an instant success with the fans. After an onslaught of shows with The Roots, and gigs as backing band for Sage during live performances, Sol.iLLaquists of Sound(SOS) has earned its artistic wings and is geared for its first-ever headlining tour. Beware: dreadlocked college girls and bearded, Birkenstocked graffiti writers are going nuts in anticipation.

The quartet–consisting of Swamburger (MC), Alexandra (vocals), DiVinCi (producer), and Tonya Combs (backing vocals)– attained a mass following with the release of its debut, As If We Existed, an amalgam of politically charged lyrics and soulful beats (complete with intricate, jazzy piano scales). Somewhere in between Lake Erykah Badu and Mount Common Sense is where these four Orlando-based musicians call home, and anyone looking to visit this promised land should check SOS at one of its live dates below.

As If We Existed is out now on Anti-.