Helena Hauff was no stranger to XLR8R‘s pages in 2015—this past year saw the Hamburg DJ and producer launch her own imprint, release her debut album, and deliver an exclusive all-vinyl mix for us. Now, she’s set to appear on a compilation EP from German label Solar One. Slated for release on February 8, Signs of Decay features “hard and dirty acid tracks” from Hauff, Dutch experimentalist Drvg Cvltvre, Perseus Traxx, Ekman, and label co-founder Robert Witschakowski, operating as The Exaltics. View the record’s tracklist and get a taste of what’s to come below. (via Juno Plus)

1. The Exaltics – Do I Have to Repeat Myself
2. Helena Hauff – Culmination of Frustration
3. Perseus Traxx – MK-Ultra
4. Drvg Cvltvre – The Dead Envy the Living
5. Ekman – Landmarks