Tim Holland (a.k.a. sole) has released a statement via anticon regarding his recent decision to leave the label that he helped build:

Today, with a heavy heart I end 11+ years of working with anticon. In the early days of the label, anticon was a pet project of mine, a life-long dream. We fulfilled the dream of a collectively run record label and put out many great records and stood as an image of defiance against the music industry. Those memories, I will always have and be proud of. Sadly, those times are gone, and I need to live in the present as I prepare for the future.

Though it seems that differences over business strategy were the cause of the split, Holland goes on to note that “there are no ill feelings between myself and members of anticon.” Of course, he will continue to work and produce records, the details of which can always be found at his eminently popular site.