It’s been two and a half years since Tim Holland (a.k.a. Sole) released a full-length, and Sole and the Skyrider Band hints at what the Anticon. artist has been up to all this time.

Holland kept busy with an instrumental album–released under his manbestfriend alias–and with US and European tours, but the artist reportedly became bored with the find-a-beat, throw-out-a-rhyme formula. During this time, a series of events led him to the Orlando, FL-based band Skyrider, who relieved Holland of some of his musical ennui and helped him breathe life back into the creative process. Both Sole and the group relocated to Flagstaff and have been there since. The new album is a testament to this partnership, and more of the fantastically original leftfield jams that put Anticon. on the map.

Sole and the Skyrider Band is out October 23, 2007 on Anticon.

1. A Say Day for Investors
2. Ghosts Assassinating Other Ghosts
3. Nothing if Free
4. The Bridges, Let Us Down
5. 100 Light Years and Running
6. Shipwreckers
7. The Sound of Head on Concrete
8. Magnum
9. Bones of Pets
10. In Paradise
11. One Egg Short of the Omelette
12. In On Cavalry
13. Stupid Things Implode on Themselves