Jasper Byrne (a.k.a Sonic) will release a new double EP on Western Lore, 110174

The release follows Byrne’s 2018 110174 mixtape and appearances on Blunted Breaks Vol.1, and marks his return to “dance music proper.”

Byrne spent the late ’90s and ’00s dropping releases on pretty much every legendary drum & bass label going, among them Reinforced, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Formation, Virus, Soul:R, and his own Space Recordings, before mysteriously disappearing only to re-emerge years later as a computer games developer and soundtrack artist. His best-known work in video games is the 2D horror game “Lone Survivor,” which he developed almost entirely on his own. He also contributed music to the game “Hotline Miami.”

Before his foray into game development, he also worked under the alias of Accidental Heroes along with his long-time collaborative partner, Silver (a.k.a Dean Fletcher). 

Byrne recently connected with label head Dead Man’s Chest at a gig in LA, leading to this EP. We’re told that 110174 blends techno, footwork, LA bass, hardcore, synth-wave, and drum & bass under a loose jungle techno framework.

The release follows Response & Pliskin’s Bureaucracy on the Bristol label. 

Records purchased directly from www.westernlore.co.uk come with a unique LORE005 sticker and a limited edition trading card. Also available and exclusive to Bandcamp is a signed Risograph print of the cover art by Alex Eveson, limited edition of 200. 


 Part One / Serendipity

A1: Psychedelic Soul

A2: 8082devast8

B1: Serendipity

B2: Taxi Driver

Part Two / The Ruffneck

C1: Empty Bar

C2: Volcan

D1: Workbench

D2: Ruffneck 

110174 will land late February/early March, with clips below.