Back in 2005, All Tomorrows Parties ventured into a new type of live series. Instead of just having rad artists curating dream line-ups, ATP introduced the “Don’t Look Back” series where The Stooges perform the record Fun House from beginning to end. Since then, bands like the Dirty Three, Tindersticks, and Teenage Fanclub have worked full album magic, recreating their original albums for die-hards and kids who missed the boat. Now it’s time for the mighty Sonic Youth to unveil Daydream Nation for the legions–this time in the US, and on multiple dates. There’s clearly a reason to be psyched.

Without a doubt, Daydream Nation has been lauded as Sonic Youth’s most accessible release, despite being the band’s last indie offering on the Blast First label. As poppy as it was discordinant, the double release hit the streets in the fall of ’88, and the kids (now adults) went completely nuts.

Since then, the Youth has fired away an arsenal of hits with the same type of pop meets death meets Lou Reed zeal (See Goo, Rather Ripped, and Dirty). But there’s something about Daydream Nation as a live set that every Sonic Youth enthusiast must be salivating over, and for this reason, the United States just became a hell of a lot better place to live.

Sonic Youth perform Daydream Nation:

07/13 Chicago, IL: Pitchfork Music Festival
07/19 Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Community Theatre
07/20 Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles Greek Theatre
08/30 London, England: London Roundhouse

For More Info Go To: Don’t Look Back