Sonnymoon have today released a new single, “Ideas,” via their Sonnymoon Music imprint—a follow up to last year’s “Role.”

Sonnymoon’s vision expands on the roles pop and experimental music share together and “Ideas” gives birth out of this trajectory. As Jon Hoard explains, “A great deal of the vision for “Ideas” was gained from an existing drum loop by one member of Sonnymoon, Dane. We all resonated with the loop and began exploring harmonies and melodies. Subsequently, lyrics reminiscent of mantras began to flow such as the lines “start right here” and “it’s already don””. From there, the song fully took form and by the time we recorded the song, all we could do was decide to tell listeners to “run run run,” “done done done.” Just go with it; that’s “Ideas” in essence.”

Sonnymoon’s dynamic journey commenced in 2009 when Anna Wise and Dane Orr began making music together after a chance first encounter. As a duo, they’ve recorded and released three albums (Golden Age, Sonnymoon, The Courage of Present Times) and one EP (2012). Since 2014, the duo have been joined live by Jonathan Hoard. Last year, they recorded enough material for their next full-length. “Role” and “Ideas” are the first glimpse of this new body of work.

This latest music from the group was captured in Upstate New York.


01. Ideas

Ideas is available now, with a stream available above.