SØS Gunver Ryberg will release her first soundtrack album via Cristian Vogel’s fresh Endless Process label on Friday, March 22. 

The music serves as the soundtrack to Rasmus Kloster Bro’s film “Cutterhead,” which deals with a catastrophe during the construction of the new Copenhagen Metro system. The score won Best Music Prize at the French Film Festival Premiers Plans in 2019, and the film has won a number of festival awards.

We’re told that the soundtrack is challenging like the film’s subject matter, and yet the music establishes its own unique emotional impact with the listener. Fans of SØS’ soundscapes in the BAFTA Award-winning video game “INSIDE” will connect with the powerful textures that stir up profound emotions as they contrast with deceptively simple melodic motifs.

Cristian Vogel launched Endless Process earlier this year with a long-player from Danish composer/producer Bjørn Svin. 


01. Cutterhead—Heaven or Hell 

02. Day after day

03. Under the surface

04. The Accident

05. Earth Pressure Balance 

06. The world outside

07. Life is waiting

08. Nightmare

09. Letting down

10. Heaven and Hell

11. The Cutterhead

12. Let go

13. Never give up

14. Last glimpse

15. Oxygen

16. Cutterhead—Tearing Worlds

Cutterhead LP lands Friday, March 22, with the opening cut streaming here