The Bostonian party-starters of Soul Clap have announced they will soon drop their first full-length album, EFUNK. Wolf + Lamb will release the 13-track LP on April 20, roughly four years after Charles Levine’s and Eli Goldstein’s first single. Speaking to Resident Advisor about the forthcoming album, Soul Clap said, “The album is a culmination of our entire lives with music. This music is totally different than what we would put on an EP. It’s not designed for DJs or dancefloors, but we wanted it to be something we would have put on in high school while we were chilling with homies, cutting class, or trying to kick it to a chick.” You can check out the tracklist for EFUNK, all of which was recorded late last year in Miami and is previously unreleased, below.

01. EFUNK Intro
02. Take It Slow (feat. Franceska)
03. The Alezby Inn (feat. The Genevan Heathen)
04. Let It Go (feat. Roldy Cezaire)
05. When the Soul Claps (feat. Lazarus Man)
06. Lets Groove On (feat. Jules Born)
07. Ecstacy (feat. Mel Blatt)
08. Clapping Song (feat. Baby Prince & The Fam)
09. Trouble Trouble Trouble
10. Walk with a Clap
11. Need Your Lovin (feat. Mel Blatt)
12. Islands in Space Part 1
13. Islands in Space Part 2 (feat. Greg Paulus)