Normally after a successful album and an extensive tour, artists go into hiding for a while. Soulwax, aka David and Stepehn Dewaele, prefer to keep making music and forget about any kind of break in their workflow. Their new album, titled Night Versions, is a collection of tracks pulled from the Any Minute Now release that took over dancefloors when it was released in 2004. Now, joining forces with partners Stefaan Van Leuven and Steve Slingeneyer, the brothers have reformatted tracks from that album to be even more dancefloor friendly. Energetic, at times quirky, and always entertaining, the new album shows off both the band’s production work and their ability to rethink their own work.

Night Versions is out September 12, 2006 on Modular.


1. Teachers
2. Miserable Girl
3. E – Talking
4. Compute
5. Slowdance
6. I Love Techno
7. Krack
8. Accidents and Compliments
9. NYC Lipps
10. Another Excuse (DFA Remix)