Since 2010, the eco-hideaway known as The Dusun, which resides in the middle of the jungle just an hours drive outside of Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpor, has been the scene of unlikely and remarkable collaborations between some real heavy-hitters in the global electronic music. Artists such as Daedelus, Modeselektor, Kode9, Housemister, and more have all made their way to this slice of Eden in the rainforest to unwind during their busy tour schedules and become aroused by what the jungle has to offer in terms of atmosphere and sonic inspiration.

Last year, the Malaysian-based duo Bass Sekolah (consisting of producer Cee and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Darren Ashley) released The Dusun Sessions, an album that features 11-collaborative jungle sessions that were recorded at the resort with artists such as Phon.oPerera Elsewhere, Daedelus, Skinnerbox, and more.

The mysterious and quiet album’s success inspired a new project between Cee (and his Detour Asia booking agency), the organization Border Movement, and theGoethe-Institut, titled “SoundLab: Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand & Germany 2016.” For ten days, 15 musicians from 11 different countries combined their talents at The Dusun resort to craft an arboreous, lofty, and inventive collaborative album. In the time allotted to them, the group created a total of 20 songs which will be offered up as a free download in order to “stay in the spirit of the ever/all giving jungle mother.”

This synergistic and talented cluster of artists who took part in this project were Born in Flamez, Nadia Reid, Dizz1, Dea, Vandetta, Darko C, Space 360, Nguyen Hong Giang, Similarobjects, Najwa Mahiaddin, Fook of The Bassment Syndicate, Darren Ashley and Cee of Bass Sekolah.

The official release of the project will commence on June 4 with the release party and screening of the mini documentary made by Lisanne Schulze, at Urban Spree in Berlin. You can view the trailer in the player above.

You can stream a selection of tracks from the project below.

Photos by: Lisanne Schulze