Space Afrika, the experimental duo of Joshua Inyang and Joshua Tarelle, have put out a new EP on Sferic.

Untitled (To Describe You), an anxious patchwork of drill, bass, and reflective musique concrète, follows last year’s heartbreaking mixtape hybtwibt? The Manchester pair assembled it to accompany a short film from visual artist Tibyan Mahawah Sanoh. In the film, Sanoh works hard to visually illustrate an honest and vulnerable picture of her soul, and Inyang and Tarelle have responded by doing the same with sound, collaging warped field recordings, syrupy pads, and disorienting vocals to generate a living, breathing study of the duo’s Northern working class reality.

The main event is the full 10-minute soundtrack, which is layered with Sanoh’s disorienting and deeply personal poetry. The release is rounded out with three sketches from the same sessions, two of which never made it to the final mix-down.

In 2018, Inyang and Tarelle put out Somewhere Decent To Live, their debut album.


01. Untitled (To Describe You) [OST] feat. Tibyan Mahawah Sanoh
02. Version 1
03. Version 2
04. Version 3

Untitled (To Describe You) is available now. Meanwhile, you can stream it in full below and order it here.