Though the enigmatic DJ/producer hasn’t exactly been quiet since the release of his 2009 debut LP Unidentified Flying Oscillator, Space Dimension Controller has certainly taken his time releasing its proper follow up, as the sci-fi-obsessed artist only just announced that his sophomore album will arrive later this year via R&S. Welcome to Mikrosektor-50 is a 13-song record that clocks in just over an hour in length, and is said to be a cinematic experience that “follows the story of Mr. 8040 and his return to the future and his home planet Mikrosector-50.” The artist born Jack Hamill recorded and produced the LP in his Belfast-based home studio, utilizing his pervasive love for ’80s funk, John Carpenter’s music and films, techno, outer space, ambient music, and beyond. Space Dimension Controller’s Welcome to Mikrosektor-50 will be released on March 4, but you can check out its artwork and tracklist before then, below.

01. Feature Presentation
02. 2357 AD
03. Mr 8040’s Introduction(Mikrosector-50, Mankind’s New Home)
04. Welcome To Mikrosector-50 (Home to Emptiness)
05. Confusion On The Armament Moon (Answers From Max)
06. When Your Love Feels Like Its Fading
07. A Lonely Flight To EroDru-10(Arrival on EroDru-10)
08. You Can’t Have My Love (Chance Diversion)
09. Rising (An Unwelcome Temptation)
10. Quadraskank Interlude (Return to the Love Quadrant)
11. The Love Quadrant(The Future Is Not For Me)
12. Back Through Time With A Mission Of Groove
13. Closing Titles (Who’s Closing In On Gaia?)