It’s been some time since we last received a transmission from the man who calls himself Space Dimension Controller, but we’ve just discovered the silence will soon end when he drops the “prequel” to his brand-new LP through R&S Records next month. The 11-track record is called Pathway to Tiraquon6, and will soon be followed by a proper full-length debut, called Welcome to Mikrosector-50. While you wait for the Irish-born space explorer to share this music, you can check out the artwork, tracklist, and “preview” of Pathway to Tiraquon6 below. (via FACT)

1. Feature Presentation
2. 2257 AD
3. Pulsovian Invasion
4. Last Sunset On Planet Earth
5. Usurper
6. Flight Of The Escape Vessels
7. Confined To Deep Space
8. Max Tiraquon
9. Floating Blind Through Blue Trails
10. Tiraquon’s Return (A New Home)
11. Closing Titles

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